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George and Me
Back in our "younger" years, backstage at Windmill Dinner Theater, Richardson, TX    1982
There was not, and is not, a sweeter person in the entertainment field. I have known George since around 1980.

Spanky,of the 60's musical group Spanky and Our Gang, introduced me to him. I went to see him the next night at the Sahara in Vegas. After the show I went back stage and we talked. I started throwing a lot of his old bits at him. He ask me how I knew them and I said one time I had all his records and had memorized them.

When he ask what did I mean by that, I said a fire destroyed my house and my record collection. He said "well we will have to take care of that."  I thought "sure."

Well in typical Carlin fashion he waited till he had left town. People from the Sahara called me ( I was performing at the Silver Nugget) and said they had a package for me. I went down and wrapped in plain brown paper that said to Joe Hardin Brown from George Carlin was 12, autographed, long playing albums.
I was stunned.

But through the years I found this to be typical George behavior. He called one time, out of the blue, because he heard I wasn't feeling well. He just wanted to see how I was doing.

Everytime he was in town, if I contacted him, he would leave tickets for me to see him. Keep in mind we were not running buddies. He didn't have time for that. But if you made an effort to stay in touch, he did too.

I use to kid him about how I would ruin his bad reputation by telling people what a really sweet person he was.

So in closing let me say to George, wherever he may be, the secret is out my friend. You are one good man. Let me add one thing. I wrote a song that was inspired by, and dedicated to, George. He got a kick out of it. The title? "I'd Like To Thank My Grandma's Milkman (I Think He Left Me His Genes)"

                       Love You George.........
Joe Hardin Brown

(Text of a letter I sent the Ft. Worth Star Telegram when George died. They were kind enough to print it.)
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